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Julio Rey – No Religion (Lead oldie live)

I got my kids a new computer which means I can now sneak in and do some primitive editing and…

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Julio Rey – Glass Of Water (live, Coldplay cover)

Actually the first time I tried out a Coldplay song at church. It’s a bit of a train wreck due…

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Julio Rey – 42 (Coldplay cover)

This goes out to the 300-plus people that viewed my train wreck rendition of Glass Of Water. It’s a punk-bordering-on-metal…

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Julio Rey – Revolution In The Heart (Lead oldie)

The last tune on Return Fire and I guess it was also my farewell to melodic hardcore circa late 1985….

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Julio Rey – True Love

See, I really like to have the words memorized when I play at church because I look like a dork…

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