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Open mic at Music Depot last Saturday

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Onstage at Music Depot, September 6, 2008.

Onstage at Music Depot, September 6, 2008.

First Saturday of the month means it’s time to renew that monthlong tradition of playing a set at Music Depot’s open mic. Former Frank’s Enemy bandmate and Music Depot mangler Marc was running it, as usual, making it all fun and smooth.

I took my two eldest offspring, Astrid and Cedric, along. Cedric joined me for some random harp playing on one tune.

  1. Yellow Submarine (Cedric Rey on harp. Since my kids were there, I decided to play the song they most often request at home).
  2. I’m Living My Lie (from my CD)
  3. 23 (Gorki’s Tune from my CD –my arrangement of the Porno Para Ricardo deconstruction of a Castro children’s tune).

One last plug: if you’re a playin’ yokel from the 305, consider getting over to Marc’s place on November 1. You’ll like it!