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CHURCH SONG: Copper Kettle

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After over a year I’m back playing tunes at my home church.  On Fridays, we watch movies or TV series and have relevant discussions about them applicable to our lives as Christians. Works for us.

This past Friday we saw the first two episodes of Justified, full of shots of moonshine and down-home white supremacist psychotics. Never done seen it afore. I don’t have cable.

Anytime you see this guy on TV, you know bad things are afoot...

Anytime you see this guy on TV, you know bad things are afoot…

It inspired me to do Dylan’s (cover of) Copper Kettle this morning. Moonshine with a dash of Libertarianism to boot.

CUBA: Porno Para Ricardo tribute to the Ladies in White

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If everything was so hunky-dory in Cuba now, dissidents like the Ladies In White would be closing shop right now. But they’re still protesting and still getting curbstomped.

The rafts? They’re still washing ashore around here. Guess they didn’t get the memo from the White House.

And real anti-authoritarian punk rock remains alive, defiant and perhaps suicidal in the continued output of Porno Para Ricardo.  In case you don’t know, I’ve been harping about them since 2007 and covered a couple of their tunes to boot.

So I was pleasantly surprised to discover they dropped a tune in tribute to the Ladies in White over at their Bandcamp. This is subtler than most of their catalog but the punk intensity remains. Key lyric, “ni mil ejercitos podran pararlas” (“not even a thousand armies will be able to stop them” — which may end up being what Castro, Inc. sends after them).

Leo from Gouda, NL brushing up on his English back in 2008

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Leo Hoek van Dijke has had a radio show in the Netherlands for a few years now. Back in October 2008 he interviewed me over the phone during my lunch break at the dayjob. We talked Lead mostly. Listen here:

#491 (October 24th 2008) Julio Rey (The Lead/Frank’s Enemy). by Going Underground Offical on Mixcloud

Brushing up on my Spanish

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2015-06-De Delfines Y Dragones Cover

Last month I did my first interview in forever with Gabriel Jorge Stopper of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gabriel is a Facebook friend who runs a nice Spanish-language Christian metal e-zine called De Delfines y Dragones. Click below, put on your reading glasses and grab your English/Spanish dictionary…

2015-06-De Delfines Y Dragones Interview

The Facebook page is here.

Old Glory at church: What is independence?

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Got a jump on the Fourth of July last Sunday with this performance of  my anthem to curbing one’s nationalism.

Four years ago I wrote a song encapsulating my feelings regarding blind nationalism called Old Glory. The lyrics will speak for themselves. All I can add is that the Independence we celebrate on this Day ought to include the ability to be independent in thought without fear.

A lofty goal that the Founding aimed at, but often failed to live up to. As has the republic that followed in the ensuing two centuries plus.

Having said that, there’s still no place that’s come closer to it on the planet. And I’ll do my part to keep it that way.


Home studio version at my Bandcamp.

Lyrics here.

Vid of last year’s church performance here.