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Old Glory at church: What is independence?

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Got a jump on the Fourth of July last Sunday with this performance of  my anthem to curbing one’s nationalism.

Four years ago I wrote a song encapsulating my feelings regarding blind nationalism called Old Glory. The lyrics will speak for themselves. All I can add is that the Independence we celebrate on this Day ought to include the ability to be independent in thought without fear.

A lofty goal that the Founding aimed at, but often failed to live up to. As has the republic that followed in the ensuing two centuries plus.

Having said that, there’s still no place that’s come closer to it on the planet. And I’ll do my part to keep it that way.


Home studio version at my Bandcamp.

Lyrics here.

Vid of last year’s church performance here.

Soon to be reported in Wall Street Journal

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Yep, we’ve got us a real fake label now with our own Bandcamp featuring multiple artistes (Julio Rey and the Visitors — but Frank’s Enemy and King James & the Concordances are coming soon).

Why are these men and woman smiling?

Binge Watching at Church!

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The new lyric got a tune and was sung and played back on April 27th.

Cigar Box Country Easter Grindcore Blues (or, the latest version of Roll the Rock)

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Nothing more appropriate for Easter morning at church than a country blues standard played on an amplified Shane Speal cigar box guitar.

Roll the rock, Lord
Roll the rock onto my sin
Roll the rock, Lord
Onto disease and pestilence
Roll the rock, Lord
Roll the rock onto my death
Roll the rock, roll the rock, roll the rock

Oh to see Who’s at that right hand
Oh to see Who’s in glory above
Oh to see them put them plastic wings on
Oh to see the True Face of Love

Oh to see this whole world dipped in Clorox
Oh to feel my pride cut to the bone
Oh to see it all taken apart and shown me
Oh to see the payoff to the loan

Throw down your chains, boys, because it’s time to go

More on the tune here.


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Another pop punker written in the early 80s, revived for my church performance today. This one has some Cold War references in it. Reflecting my fanhood of the Clash at the time, as well as my disagreement with their ideology.

Putting all these songs together, maybe they deserved better than to get released on a badly-mixed cassette three or four years after they got written. Maybe it’s time for their due. Maybe there’s an Unrehearsed Walk 3 in the future.

Oh, and if I’m sick of putting my tired old mug on YouTube playing guitar every week, you’re probably doubly-sick of looking at it. Let’s spare each other and just do audio. Just hit play and close your eyes as always…

It’s 1 am but before I sleep I’ve got something to say
I’ve been praying my way through a hard set of days
This world is tired of the gunfire
This world is walking down a wire
Maybe it’s time it should snap

 Revolutions come I’ve lost count but it’s all done in vanity
They say it’s the people in power but it looks like greed to me
The power comes to those with the guns
The starving die when the money’s gone
Or else at the paredon 
Looking out for number one

But I’m far and so far thank God i don’t need to worry about the tribunals
But the devil’s on my back, I hate to feel his tempting claws
Without God I know I’d be dead by now
With him a struggle is a show of his power
Power I don’t always use
And I start to sing the biues

I ain’t gonna go round crying and screaming doomsday
But the fact is he’s coming and he’s coming any day
It’s been 2,000 rough years when the day was foretold
2,000 years that we’re that much closer to home

 All I tell you is believe in the power that changes lives
Jesus can do what we could never in 1,000 tries
Though you wait to see him, you can meet him
He knows your thoughts and he has a perfect heart

Binge watching the clock until you're dead

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Binge-watching. Great phrase, but why stop at TV shows? Here’s some happy-go-lucky word association lyrics with some poop culture thrown in.

Binge Watching

Binge watching the Justin Bieber trial
Binge watching life’s very last mile
Binge watching the pillow on your head
Binge watching the clock until you’re dead

Reality shows reality blows
Reality knows reality throws

NEW VERSE 3/14/14!!!!!!!!!!!!

Binge watching idiotic selfie celebs
Binge watching your butt on Mt St Helens
Binge watching on a hi def three inch screen
Binge watching your eyelids as they dream


I look in your eyes
I know they don’t look back
I stay out of your way
You always turn your back

I don’t know you any more
I guess I don’t really care
Dying slowly in these four walls
Teeth smiling in despair

"I won't tell you how devoted I am, I fall way below the standard"

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On Sunday mornings I’ve been revisiting the punk tunes with Christian lyrics that I wrote from 1980-1984, pre The Lead, pre The Visitors, pre hardcore turn. There’s quite a few of them, and not many people in the world were doing work like this. Just throwing them out there. Altar Boys beat me to the punch (the punk?) in 1983. I never heard of LSU until even later. Anyway, more vids to come. This one was played at church on 2/16/14.

Pop punk on a nylon string in church wearing a '90s Living Sacrifice shirt

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Pop punk song I wrote in the early 80s (pre “knowing about Undercover and the Altar Boys”). You might be one of the lucky six or seven people I sold my Portastudio-recorded Unrehearsed Walk II tape to in 1986. If you are, you know this is the opening song from it.

This is at church on Ground Hog Day 2014.



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This place has sure gone crazy, huh? Basically what’s happening is:

1. will become my portfolio website, so everything that was there is now here.

2. Area1234 will become my music website EXCEPT:

3. The Lead will get its own website and,

4. Frank’s Enemy will get its own website and,

5. The Not Silent Store will close down and be absorbed by all the other sites.

Hope this sets y’all’s minds at ease. If ya’ll’s cares that is….


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Going to sing this at church tomorrow Lord willing. It’s got a dance groove, believe it or not….


I am the ghost
Of the child i once was
On this train
We ghosts ride daily on

The memories of the past
The pure thing once called me
That’s the real thing
that I’ll never again be

Unfettered by memories

I am a ghost of what i was and what ill never again be
Erasing the mistakes of my memories

My fellow faces
They’re lined and aging
But in their minds
And into their mirrors

They are restaging
De-aging, from clouds they see
What are our joys
But those future ghosts to be

I am a ghost of what i was and what ill never again be
Erasing the mistakes of my memories

Little children
Try to hang on tight
Little children
It might be alright

Demons Walk The Earth/Lully Lullay

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Demons Walk The Earth/Lully Lullay

Lully Lullay

Sometimes I think
That demons walk the earth
If I forget
How much our lives are worth

Oh forgive me Lord
Oh forgive me Lord

Sometimes I think
That demons walk the earth
Taking the precious
Grind it into the dirt

Oh forgive me Lord
Oh forgive me Lord

Lully Lullay

Sometimes I think
The demons walk the earth
But for Your grace
I’m just a pile of dirt

Oh forgive me Lord
Oh forgive me Lord


Lyric: Barry Goldwater Blues

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After hearing a couple of anti-Goldwater lyrics by sixties folkies unaware that the war party was on their side….


Remember this one…

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On Olivier, Bandcamp and Tunecore

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A whole new EP and a whole new way of getting it out. A few random thoughts as I send my last child’s namesake off into the world.

Lyric: True Love

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Song from 1996 which I finally recorded last month for the new EP (featuring both banjo solo and autotuned vocals). Live version vid here.

Sometimes you need the pain
Just like you need the rain
Sometimes it’s the only way to see
The only way to be

And you will know true love

It’s the one thing that’s always there
You can see it all everywhere
And it’s all up to how well you die
And every day to accept it you try

In the days that feel like the last
Seeing things about to pass
You will not forget ever
What you were left trying to remember

Sometimes you forget to wish things last
Then they’re shot into the past
That sorrow you heard about tasting sweet
Sometimes that’s all you’re ever going to have to eat

And the day has come to give God praise
For the things you found in your days
The day has come to walk the line
Realize you can call no thing mine

Area 1234 going members-only

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As Not Silent continues its lurching steps towards some semblance of business legitimacy, I have made the executive incision of locking out Area 1234 to casual surfers and hot linkers. So pardon my dust as I get this going in the next day or two.

The price of being able to login and download the aural delights and view the blackmail photos is simply your email address. No, I won’t sell the emails to anybody. I’ll send you the occasional email with an update on what I’ve got going on and the occasional exclusive deal or giveaway.

And of course I’m going to continue to populate Area 1234 with all the detritus my crazed mind can manufacture. I’m sure you’ll want to have a ticket to all that. See ya there!

Lyric: Rage

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Another of my new recordings (but I wrote the song in 1998). Given the title you’d expect another one of my attempts at simulating World War VI (which I don’t do as much of anymore as of late). But it’s actually a countryish slowish half-dead-ish ballad. About controlling one’s hatred for someone else. Reality isn’t grindcore, it’s a lounge singer at a funeral.

I’ll try to take my rage
Put some pity in its place
This is a long-term fight
Hard to tell just what is right
My stomach growls to be obeyed
And hairs stand up on my nape
The weight of days can bring me down
Trying to see past the corner before I go round

I’ll try to change my disgust
To an empathy that I can trust
Your molten words fell on my ears
So hard now to remember your tears
There are new tricks that must be learned
I can’t judge how much you deserve to burn
I search for my role and ask how do I live
With this blinding rage that does not forgive

I’ll try not to be mad
Remember all you did not have
That you could not be expected to give
Do you regret that we all live?
We’re a million miles apart
No one will be the first to decide to start
The tongues we speak are not the same
No one to come will bear your name

Lyric: Sick Eyes Blue

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Here’s another song off of my upcoming long EP or short LP (31 mins), whatever you want to call it. Been hot and heavy on the recording thereof since early November. I came up with the words a few weeks ago and I married them to a retro/classic-ish rock riff I’ve had since 1991. Glad I finally out the riff to use.

You can be my secret garden
And I your soldier boy
I chased you from my dreams
But I can’t play without your toys

When you wedged yourself
And I was in my pain
I was down in the desert
Listening to the distant rain

Ooh ooh tell me true
Ooh ooh sick eyes blue

Well I’m lying on the floor
With my foot next to my head
I’m doing fine baby
Except without you I feel dead

Ooh ooh tell me true
Ooh ooh sick eyes blue

Lyric: Orem Ain't Got No Head Cheese

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I actually started recording this last week. If you Google the title you’ll get some clues as to what the hell I’m talking about.

Orem Ain’t Got No Head Cheese

Have you ever licked your finger
In the blue Kentucky rain
Powder in your nose
Rotten eggs in your brain?

I’m a lonely little blob
Scaring wolverines
Please don’t take a bath
While the spoon moon gleams

I kissed my love
And then I lost it
Looking out
At the valley deep
Powdered fingers
Blew out my eyes
But now I can’t
Get my sleep
And Orem never did get his head cheese

From green tragedy
My love and I reborn
They trimmed off the fat
On that dewy summer morn

Pure essence am I
All powerful I bloom
Beware all ye before me
I laugh at your broom

I kissed my love
And then I lost it
Looking out
At the valley deep
Powdered fingers
Blew out my eyes
But now I can’t
Get my sleep
And Orem never did get his head cheese

And if you want to know
Just go ask Bill and Joe

Three Julio Rey EPs for download at Area 1234

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With these three EPs everything I’ve been churning out under various aliases since 2002 is available for download in one place at Area 1234.

In 2005, I rocked. Download. Lyrics.

In 2006 I went acoustic. Download. Lyrics.

In 2007 I was still acoustic but I rocked a little with a little help from my friend. Download. Lyrics.